90% Of Businesses Adopting Blockchain Technology | Morning News English 17 Jan P-2 | 3.0 TV

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Headline 1

Bitcoin, Ethereum Pile Up Gains Amid Risk-On Sentiment

Headline 2

90% Of Businesses Adopting Blockchain Technology

Headline 3

Crypto Leader Binance Launched In Bahrain

Headline 4

UAE VC Firms Launch Joint Fund For Web3 Ecosystem Worth $1 bn

Headline 5

Bank Of Thailand To Allow First Virtual Banks By 2025

Headline 6

Monex Wants To Buy FTX Japan Amid Bankruptcy Proceedings

Headline 7

Binance, Huobi Team Up To Recover $2.5m From Harmony One Hackers

Headline 8

Cross-Border Crypto Scammers On The Hit List For EU Agencies

Headline 9

Iran And Russia Begin Working On Gold-Backed Stablecoins

Headline 10

Seoul Launches Ambitious Metaverse Platform For City Services, Tourism

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