A Beginners Guide to Simple Investing in Cryptocurrency | Webull | Robinhood | Coinbase

Video Summary
keep track of crypto prices all in one area with the CoinGecko app
- free on app store
- can change the price percentage change from 1h to 7 days. I like to use the 7 day to see what coins are up and which ones are down this week since I buy crypto weekly now.
can see all the crypto coins ranked by market cap size, in one area
- I go through a look at which crypto coin is the most DOWN. percentage wise. and I Buy THE DIP. I keep note of which coins are down the most so I know which ones to purchase when I head over to the investing apps.
- I also take a look at which coin is doing very well, and if I hold stock in it, then ill evaluate it to see if I want to sell it for profit or continue holding it.
- I also like the news section on coin gecko app. It hosts all crypto related articles in real time on one page.

1. The first investing app im going to walk through is Robinhood

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- Robinhood is free to download on the App Store
- I use Robinhood to buy and hold alpha crypto, i.e bitcoin and ethereum
- my first con about Robinhood is they don’t have many alt coins
- I just hold the big guys over here because crypto moves very fast and its important to get in quickly when dips happen, which leads me to my first pro of Robinhood. Deposits are available instantly
- its very easy to transfer money from your bank account, to your robinhood account. And no matter what day and time it is, your deposit is instantly available to use. up to $1000 at a time with the free Robinhood account. and up to $5000 at a time with the Gold Robinhood membership
- I also like how easy it is to see gains and losses , see average cost, change button options on the Home Screen to reflect this
- very easy to use platform overall
- another thing I really like about Robinhood is that there are no fees/ micro fees
- I also like the news section , its not the best, it doesn't host all the articles, but it will show the main headlines

Overall I recommend using Robinhood to buy and hold your Alpha crypto coins because of the instantly available deposits and no fees!

2. The next investing app I use is Webull

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- I use Weull to long hold , established crypto alt coins
- it is free to download and use on the App Store
- my first pro about Webull is it has a wide range of crypto
- I like how easy it is to setup and view the prices on watchlist setup
- my portfolio consist of ADA, SOL, LINK, LUNA, AVAX, BCH, TSLA
- I love how easy to see profit/loss/average price
- you can also click on the crypto to see advanced charts
- Fairly easy and simple to deposit money into your account.
- one con I have is money is only instantly available during certain business hours Monday - Friday
- and also sometimes your crypto buying power is different than stock bp
- a big pro of using Webull is no fees/ micro fee
- one of the BEST pros of Webull is fractional shares of Tesla
- one major pro is Webull has a great sign up bonus

Overall I recommend Webull to buy and hold well established alt coins and also take advantage of fractional Tesla Shares because there are no fees and they have one of the best sign up bonuses for a free app.

3. The last app I use to buy Crypto is Coinbase

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- I have the most money in Coinbase because Coinbase has ALL the altcoins
- They have alt coins, brand new coins, meta verse coins, meme coins
- first pro have access to buying ALL THE COINS , diversity
- easy to see the price percentage change on the watch list
- Major con is that you can’t see average price , hard to see profit/loss
- another pro is that no matter the time of day money available instantly
- easy to transfer money from your bank account, to your coinable cash account
- first con is that there are high fees for everything , even when it says no fee, there is a fee, because its reflected on your balance.
- I do enjoy looking at the top movers list , so I can consider that to buy or what to sell
- the news section is okay as well, it shows the main headlines
- one thing that I really like about Coinbase is that you transfer money from one coin to another.
-so sometimes I will switch out low performing coins for higher performing coins, if I don't want to add more money to my account.
- Coinbase has a great sign up bonus
- on coinbase you can also earn crypto for learning about crypto

Overall I recommend using Coinbase to buy all of your quick moving and volatile alt coins to diversify your portfolio due to deposits being instantly available, being able to trade crypto coins, and to take advantage of the sign up bonus.
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