$AABB Learn More about Asia Broadband's Gold-Backed Crypto Coin, Wallet and Exchange

The AABB Exchange: https://aabbexchange.com/
PayAABB: https://payaabb.com/

The business models of mining companies have remained relatively unchanged throughout the centuries, but with Asia Broadband, a new face has finally emerged.

Founded in 1996, Asia Broadband is a high-margin resource company focused on the production, supply and sale of precious and base metals to primarily Asian markets. Through its subsidiary, Asia Metals Inc., the company has acquired highly prospective gold projects in well-established mining camps around Mexico.

In 2021, the Asia Broadband company transfixed its gold-seeking initiatives onto the digital space, creating a gold-backed crypto token, a cryptocurrency wallet and a cryptocurrency exchange. Through these initiatives, Asia Broadband has introduced the world’s first hybrid mining model, one where “mining” occurs on both physical and digital realms.

With a desire to continuously create shareholder value, Asia Broadband aims to leverage this hybrid model as a unique competitive advantage over other junior minor operators.

The AABB Gold token, AABB Exchange and AABB wallet have burst onto the scene as revenue-generating assets for Asia Broadband. The company’s venture into the crypto space has already increased its assets by 500% over the last year, leading to a reported 1,500% ascension in the stock’s price year-to-date.
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