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Earn big by unlocking the potential of trading crypto.

Introducing ABBC Trade!

ABBC Trade is a portal where you can trade your ABBC and earn BUSD rewards which can be withdrawn every 7 days through Aladdin Pro Wallet. Furthermore, you can receive additional rewards by referring others to subscribe to the ABBC Trade plan.

Please take note that reward percentages are subject to change.

ABBC Trade aims to be a fast, efficient, and secure trading portal. Trade your ABBC today! Visit https://trade.abbccoin.com/.

To read more information about ABBC Trade, read our user manual here: https://trade.abbccoin.com/user-manual.pdf.

Stay tuned for more real-time updates at https://t.me/abbcfoundation.

Don’t forget to join our Telegram community at https://t.me/abbcfoundationofficial
Our official website: https://abbccoin.com/

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