ABSOLUTE BEST PREDICTION COMES TRUE! This modern day ORACLE perfectly predicted Bitcoin's price!

Good Afternoon E.T Fam! Crypto is bubbling over with bullish news today! First up, Plan B either has a crystal ball or is the Oracle himself, because all of his predictions are perfect. We're talking Matrix level Oracle predictions here. This time, he's predicting that we're going above $100K. With his track record, I definitely don't plan on betting against him.

#Visa is tossing its hat in the ring and entering the land of the L2s. They announced that they’re building a hub for stablecoins and central bank currencies. Also, they’re building on top of the #Ethereum mainnet.

ETH to the moon or nah? More importantly, does this mean that #stablecoins have a chance at skating harsh regulation? This should be very interesting. In more bullish news, the mayor of Cool Valley, Missouri is showering the citizens with some sweet BTC. The mass adoption of crypto continues.

All of the Terra lovers out there should take a brief moment to celebrate, because the Columbus-5 upgrade has been deemed as a success. Does this mean that Terra might be helping take Cosmos to the next level? Let’s see what happens. Let’s take a moment to give Thorchain a round of applause.They’ve manage to weather all of the storms that they encountered with the multiple hacks.

Now, they’re back and better than ever! I wasn’t lying when I said that bullish news is happening throughout the space. That isn’t even all of it. Make sure you watch to hear the rest.

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00:00 = Intro
01:05 = Crypto Oracle (Plan B BTC predictions)
06:09 = Market Watch
06:39 = Visa doubling down on crypto
08:31 = The crypto village of Cool Valley
09:18 = Avalanche rush is kicking off
09:39 = Fantom launching a gaming offensive
10:37 = Outro - My strategy for the next months

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