All about Crypto Wallets - Which One Is Best For You?

The storage of digital assets and evaluating risk are crucially important to anyone investing in cryptocurrency. With huge amounts of money being transferred and stored as well scams and hacks to be aware of, this video is essential for understanding how to keep your crypto safe.

John Dough explains how crypto wallets are used to store, send and receive digital currencies.

Find out how these wallets are used to store public and private keys. Public keys identify your account on a network, while private keys prove that you are the rightful recipient of a payment.

Hot wallets are connected online and offer flexibility and ease of use. But for extra security, cold storage may be considered. Hardware wallets are only connected to the internet when transactions are being made and reduce the risk of funds being targeted by malicious actors.

Another form of cold storage again involves writing down or printing out private keys on old-fashioned paper.

Find out more about crypto wallets here:

0:00 Introduction
0:25 Crypto Wallets - Need to Know
0:30 Hot & cold wallets
0:54 Software wallets
1.15 Exchange wallets
1.40 Multi signature wallets
2.10 Mobile wallets
2.40 Software wallets crypto hacks
3.00 Biggest crypto hack ever
3.30 Hardware wallets
5.40 Paper wallets
6.26 Public & private keys
7.24 Which kind of crypto wallet is best for you?
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