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In a world where revolution is happening at breakneck speed, the only thing that matters is offering the best solutions to problems in today's technology to make life easier for users. AMR-invest is one of the largest solutions in the field of blockchain technology. Designed to be interoperable and available on any blockchain, AMR-invest offers a set of unparalleled products.

Moving from AMR-invest to a turnkey solution offering the ability to buy cryptocurrencies using any payment method with a focus on cash payments and the ability to withdraw funds by converting your cryptocurrencies directly into cash or into fiat in a bank account. Toward GOOSCASH, a secure, easy-to-use, fast and decentralized wallet where investors can interact with any blockchain and at the same time can send and receive cryptocurrencies and participate in decentralized finance.

One of the things that cryptocurrency users are looking for is profit, making money through investments. AMR-invest, through its AMR-invest launchpad, offers any investor, from a $10 store owner to a successful crypto investor, the opportunity to invest in a low cap gem with high potential.

AMR-invest will offer many investment opportunities, thanks to our staking, farming and lending/borrowing protocol, users can easily earn profits by depositing their coins.

Their greatest and most innovative solution is to make it easier to enter and exit transactions by adding cash as the main way to interact with cryptocurrencies. With AMR-invest, investors will be able to buy cryptocurrencies with cash or any local payment method. To sum it up, they bring to the market the ability to convert crypto to cash and cash to crypto with just a few clicks.

Mission of AMP-invest
Build Defi products that enable people all over the world to have equal access to blockchain technology. Its mission is to enable people who do not have bank accounts to participate in a worldwide revolutionary network.

AMP-invest Vision
Their vision is to create an ecosystem that gives people of all financial status access to decentralized finance by providing affordable and necessary tools and services, as opposed to their financial power.


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