Animal Farm Crypto Strategy (Changing Plans & Numbers)

Link to Animal Farm:
Animal farm telegram:

Pigs contract: 0x3A4C15F96B3b058ab3Fb5FAf1440Cc19E7AE07ce
Dogs contract: 0xDBdC73B95cC0D5e7E99dC95523045Fc8d075Fb9e
Instagram: Christopherduongg
Business Email: [email protected]

1. Go into DRIP/BUSD to earn PIGS
2. Might trade PIGS for DOGS (will wait for 1 week first to see price action)
3. Stake DOGS

1. Stake in Single Assets: WBNB, CAKE
2. Take Dogs to stake into DOG Pool.

Goal: Accumulate Dogs in single asset pool and wait for PIG to drop in price before buying more PIG. If pig doesn't drop, atleast we have some funds in the dog pool to make more pig :)

0:00 : Intro
3:08 : Old Strategy
5:49 : Farms and pools
10:59 : New Strategy
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