ApeCoin Metaverse Staying on Ethereum | AVAX Rejected & Immutable-X Remains an Option

The idea for a potential departure from Ethereum came after the initial ApeCoin drop. As demand for the token skyrocketed, gas fees on Ethereum soared for it's metaverse "Otherside" Land NFT drop, rendering the number two crypto network prohibitively expensive for many users. Among possible solutions arose Avalanche (AVAX) and Immutable-X (IMX). But so far, it seems the voting has been heavily one-sided, with nearly 91% of the ApeCoin holders supporting the proposal. Just 9% of holders have voted against the proposal, supporting a migration. The vote will end by June 9, 2022.

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~ApeCoin Metaverse Staying on Ethereum | Avalanche Rejected & Immutable-X is Most Promising~
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