Arculus Cryptocurrency Cold Storage Wallet Unboxing and Reveal!

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Arculus Cryptocurrency Cold Storage Wallet Unboxing and Reveal

What’s up guys thank you for tuning into this video… if you don’t know me my name is Nick Cardenas I am a real estate agent here in Southern California. You’ll notice that most of my videos on this channel pertain to real estate, however I also take interest in the cryptocurrency world as well as personal finance. so in today’s video I’m going to be doing a reveal of the Arculus key card.

Before we begin here’s a quick rundown of what the Arculus key card actually is. The Arculus key card is a cold storage wallet for cryptocurrency where you can store, buy, swap, send and receive cryptocurrency

There are two types of wallets on the market…cold storage and hot storage. The main difference is that hot storage wallets are connected to the Internet, where cold wallets are not.

The Arculus key card claims to utilize cutting edge security that doesn’t rely on cords or Bluetooth to protect your crypto… you simply tap the Arculus key card to your mobile device with the Arculus wallet app to access your crypto safely and securely using an encrypted NFC connection. no charging and no cables like other wallets that are on the market. For instance this ledger nano S that I currently use for my cryptocurrency, you have to plug it in and go through a series of steps in order to transfer your cryptocurrency onto the device.

A couple of the security features are biometric lock as well as a six digit numeric pin that you can use

So in a nutshell this card stores your cryptocurrency safely with leading edge privacy because it is not connected to the Internet as well as time saving speed because you literally tap the card to your phone and Wala your cryptocurrency transfers automatically. So let’s go ahead and get into this reveal and see what this card is all about!
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