Are These Mini ASIC Miners Even Profitable?!

Buying cryptocurrency ASIC miners can be expensive and difficult! But with the advent of Mini Miners by Goldshell, mining crypto earning passive income from your home or office is now possible. But is it worth it? Subscribe to VoskCoin for more mining content! - http://voskco.in/Sub

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Over the past two years, Goldshell has developed a range of small, quiet, mini-ASIC cryptocurrency miners that can be placed in your home, office, or crypto mining farm! Goldshell’s Box miner series includes miners like the LB (LBRY) Box miner, the Mini Doge miner, Starcoin (STC) miner, and the KD Box (KDA), and the Nervos CK Box (CKB) all of which we’ve reviewed on the channel. Mini miners give anyone the opportunity to buy a crypto miner and earn passive income without spending thousands of dollars, but are they worth it? Let’s review cryptocurrency box miner profitability, availability, and where you can buy them. Can you become a crypto millionaire with these devices?!

How to Set Up an ASIC Miner - https://youtu.be/8XNQ4lP7PIc
BTC Crypto & GPU Mining Electricity Guide - https://youtu.be/eZi_yx_koXc
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⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 Mini miners are so much fun
02:03 Insane low power ASIC miners
04:27 How to deploy your box miners
06:57 Make passive income with your hobby
10:31 Profits vs passion

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