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Asic miner noise reducer
We are introducing our new product which will reduce the sound of your machine up to 45-50 db and also reduce the temperature of the machine. This will work in all types of double barrel machines.
Like bitmain S19 T19 S17 L7 T17 Avalon Miners 1246 1166 1126 1046 Aldin L2 innosillicon t2thl t2t A11 A10 T3 T3+ Goldshell Ipollo Iblink etc

Installation instructions: its just need to remove machine 4 fans plug fan simulator in control board (Included in product) & Mount on machine

Product details
power cunspution:150w
weight: around 9-10kg
Metal bulid
Contact on this number to buy or any other query +919406672890
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