ASRock H510 Pro BTC+ Riserless Mining Motherboard

In this video I give an in-depth overview of the new ASRock H510 Pro BTC+ Riserless Mining Motherboard. I install all necessary motherboard components and install different size GPUs to get a sense of space, airflow and temperatures.

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Video Chapters:
00:00 Intro
00:30 Overview
02:54 Unboxing
04:12 In-Depth Walkthrough
09:50 GPUs, Processor, RAM Installed
11:46 GPU Spacing Measurements
12:20 Power Up
12:35 GPU PCIe Slot Detection
13:11 GPU Mining Temperatures
14:20 Smaller GPU Spacing (3060 Ti, 1660 Super, 6600 XT)
14:58 My Thoughts

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