Avalanche (AVAX) Cryptocurrency NFT Game Changing News & some BAD #avalanche #avax

Avalanche (AVAX) Cryptocurrency is in the Crypto news with a massive Partnership with Shopify. Design, Mint and Sell your NFT on your Shopify Platform. This is big NFT news. Alibaba Cloud is another big news event for 2023 as well as the Core Wallet going mobile. Venly has been added to Shopify and now you can build ecommerce on the AVAX Ecosystem. Greyscale downgraded AVAX token from large cap fund, is that negative for Avalanche? Watch to get the AVAX Token news you need to decide if AXAX token is a good investment and is it time to buy AXAX? Some say, Avalanche Crypto is the best Layer1 Blockchain. Crypto Bellwether is not for financial advice. DYOR! #avalanche #avax #shopify #cryptonewstoday
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