Balancing Crypto Mining Farm Power on a Home Electrical Panel

I am talking about what I do to balance my rigs across multiple breakers. This allows me to maximize how many rigs I can run at home, before needing to upgrade any electrical.

North America uses standard 120v plugs, so if it has a 15a circuit you can draw a theoretical max of 1800w per breaker. However, use the 80% rule and bring that down to 1440w. Unless that is a dedicated plug, I also would not go higher than 1200w or so if you are using that same breaker for any lights or a TV or anything else. Keep in mind that old incandescent lights are rated at 60-100w PER bulb! So if you do not have LED lights in your house your lighting circuits will draw a ton of power.

Personally I use the largest, heaviest duty outdoor extension cable I can find, and run power from breakers on each plug that I want to use to my mining room. Make sure that these are 14ga or larger if you can find them. I am using 12ga extension cords.

Here is a good site detailing extension gauge requirements based on amperage:

If you feel any of your cables warming up that means that you probably do not have large enough wires, and you need to get better ones right away! On all 120v circuits I am using a dedicated Surge Protector bar. I literally have 10+ of these things in my house, you can never have too many. They are cheap as well. I generally get the slightly nicer ones from Costco for about $25 CAD each. Check them and make sure that they are surge protectors, and not just extension cables.

***** Please note that I am not an electrician! If you are doing anything significant at home please consult an electrician. Remember to never work on live circuits if you have any open wires!! Take your health seriously, and electricity is serious business. *****
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