Become a Crypto Millionaire and Use Your Power to Change the World

It has been awhile since we have talked about crypto, and it is one our most potent tools, so lets dive back in! I have learned a tremendous amount over the last year, and I am finally having some success, so tonight I will share everything that I have learned, and if you follow my suggestions (not financial advice) becoming a crypto millionaire is not only likely, but almost inevitable. We will also discuss what it really means to "redistribute the wealth, collapse the central banks, wipe our asses with the MIC, and how we can use crypto to empower the right people. And we can do this all super fast. Im super bullish, and ready to turn this planet inside out. This is not advanced trading; this a primer for beginner/intermediate traders, but there is definitely quality info here. And, after a while the conversation turns to psychedelics and consciousness. Pry open your third eye, bring your focus A-game, and join me tonight.

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