Beefy Bifi finance full review of app - Liquidity mining pools - High APY

This is a full review of Bifi finance (my thoughts)
When I first found this coin & app I moved everything I could over to Bifi finance, but over time decided to move some coins as it was making sense ti collect a over coin as well as just a high APY, and the reason for me was because having another coin gives a chance for the coin to moon. I think this app works better for coins that you don't need to keep using as there is a fee when withdrawing your interest, so you don't get all the APY you believe you was earning. Most coins I compared with other exchanges and usually Bifi finance was always I was the top 3 for the best rewards. So just like they show you there strategy to earn you the most APY, you also have your strategy planned on how to get the best out of your coins and Bifi finance.
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