Beginners Guide to Crypto Mining Hardware Buying

Crypto Mining Hardware earns you passive income, most likely thousands of dollars per year, but what are the best types of crypto mining hardware? Beginners guide to Cryptocurrency mining rig types and buying, so you don't pay the noob tax! Sub! http://voskco.in/Sub

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There are a lot of crypto mining rigs from Bitcoin ASIC miners, to GPU mining rigs, to earning passive income with your hard drives and much more! Today Drew Vosk of VoskCoin a full-time crypto miner, breaks down the best crypto mining hardware to buy along with the differences between the above types of cryptocurrency mining and CPU mining, FPGA mining, Helium mining, MXC iot mining, and well uh this video has everything to get started mining with the best ROI passive income crypto mining hardware!

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⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 Mining is the best way to earn Passive income
00:55 More than 10 million dollars mined a day!
02:16 Are ASICs the most profitable and efficient miners?
03:52 Gpu mining and CPU mining still profitable?
05:40 Hard drive mining back worth it?
07:00 Helium mining sucks now?
08:09 Dodgy and scammy miners?
10:33 FPGA mining smart to get into?
12:02 Electricity prices keep rising
13:06 Mining as a hobby or a business?

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