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"Description: New BSC (BNB) Mining Site 2022 | Sign up to get a gift of $500 | Withdraw up to 8% daily, earn easily every day!

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Cumulative deposit [1-5000 USD] Daily minimum profit 3%
Cumulative deposit【5001-20000 USD】Daily minimum return 4%
Cumulative deposit【20001-50000 USD】Daily minimum return 5%
Cumulative deposit【50001-100000 USD】minimum daily income 6%
Cumulative deposit【100001-500000 USD】Daily minimum return 7%
Cumulative deposit more than [5000001USD] minimum daily income 8%

Promote the wallet, refer and share the investment of friends, you will get 10%, 5%, 2%, you will be referred [For example: recommend A to invest $1000, you will get $100, A recommend B to invest $1000, you will Get $50; B recommends C invest $1000, get $20]
Mining earnings updated after 00:05 Singapore time

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