Best budget GPU for mining FLUX (50 GPUs compared on Hashrate, watts & profits compared!)

In this video I compare 50 GPUs to find what the best GPU for mining FLUX is! I do this by comparing the most efficient mining settings I could find for each GPU, as mining efficiency most likely will have a big impact on FLUX mining profitability after ETH 2.0 is here. I compare the hashrate, watts and profits for each GPU mining FLUX. By doing this I find out both what is the most profitable GPU for mining FLUX as well as what is the cheapest GPU for mining FLUX. The list of GPUs for mining FLUX contains every 10-, 20- & 30-series NVIDIA GPU like the GTX 1660 Super, RTX 2060 & RTX 3070, as well as most AMD GPUs like the RX 580, RX 5700 & RX 6600. After watching this video I hope you will have a good understanding of what the best GPU for mining FLUX is.

Cryptocurrency Mining
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