Best Crypto Games To Buy Right Now? My Top 3 NFT Altcoins That Could See 1000%+ Gains!

Here are my top 3 best crypto game altcoins you can buy RIGHT NOW!

None of the nft games featured in this video have launched yet, but the launches a coming very soon (within the next couple of months) and this could see the coin prices for these crypto games skyrocket!

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Basic Resources;
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Illuvium Reviews & Resources;
NOTE: Illuvium tokens (ILV) is available to buy on Binance, Poloniex, Kucoin and Sushswap

Metawars Review & Resources
NOTE: Metawars tokens (WARS) is available to buy on Pancake swap (fund you metamask wallet with BUSD coin first, then you can use pancake swap to convert it)

Doge Dash Reviews & Resources
NOTE: Doge Dash coin (DogeDash) is available to buy on Pancake swap (fund you metamask wallet with BNB coin first, then you can use pancake swap to convert it)

You can also watch my full Gala Games review here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fuGTym_iVnE

In this video, I discuss what I consider to be the best crypto games right now (for potentially high gains). These altcoins have huge upside potential because they are close to launch, and if they achieve mass adoption the coin values could really go through the roof! Of course, this is very high risk too and there are absolutely no guarantees that the coins will see such gains, and the prices can go down as well as up.

Everyone is talking about the metaverse right now (I even considered calling this video “the best metaverse games right now”) but not many crypto games will actually create a full metaverse. The games I feature here are not necessarily in the "metaverse", but they are very fun to play and each one has something special added into the mix, which are the reasons why I chose to back to these projects over all other crypto games and nft gaming projects that are in development right now. I don’t talk too much about play to earn in the video, but all 3 of these picks support play to earn as well as nft's.

Are these the best crypto’s to buy right now? Well, that depends on your perspective. In addition to the crypto games I mention in this video, I also hold a good amount of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, and a few others. This video is not necessarily saying the crypto projects I discuss are the absolute best crypto to buy right now (throughout the entire crypto ecosystem), but within the crypto GAMING sector they stood out to me for reasons I explain in this video. I consider crypto gaming to be the most exciting use case for cryptocurrency and nft's yet. It solves a huge problem within the gaming sector and has delivered some of the best gains in the entire crypto landscape so far as well.

What Are Crypto & NFT Games?

Crypto games are very much like traditional video games and in my opinion so always be highly enjoyable to play. However, with crypto and nft games, there is an added component to the fun – which is OWNERSHIP of your in-game assets! This means that if you buy and nft in the game, you fully own that item meaning you can upgrade t, sell it, even rent it out to other players!

Crypto gaming has also resulted in a lot more play-to-earn games coming to the market, meaning players can earn coins with real-world value simply by playing the games they love. Compared to the old video game model, where we spend money and get nothing in return, AND where we get paid nothing for playing, it’s easy to see how these new elements are set to completely transform the gaming industry. This offers an opportunity for those of us who realise the potential for crypto gaming early because these crypto and metaverse games are only just getting started, and early adopters can potentially earn incredibly high rewards if they back a project that becomes successful.

Let me know your thoughts about these crypto games by leaving a comment below, and check out some of my other content to see other ways I generate passive income right now.

* Please make sure you do your own research on these crypto games and if you’re unsure about the suitability of any of them for you then should seek professional investment advice. *

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04:20 Illuvium Review & Staking Rewards Explained
15:46 Metawars Review
20:14 Doge Dash Review
29:48 Closing (Check Out Weave!)

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