Best Home ASIC Miner? 300 MHs ETH ETC IPollo V1 Mini Miner | Small, Quiet, Efficient & Wifi

Jingle Mining: https://www.jinglemining.com/?ref=cryptomininginsider

Is this the BEST Home or Office ASIC Miner in 2022 ?

In this video I will be reviewing the NEW IPollo V1 Mini Miner to test mining Ethereum (ETH) and Ethereum CLASSIC (ETC). I'll share my mining results and opinions about the miner.
Note: When mining ETH or ETC the Power Consumption for this miner shown on my electric meter was ~ 260 Watts

I will examine Mining Revenue and Profitability for both ETH & ETC based on the current market conditions (as of 8/3/2022). Crypto prices, mining revenue and profitability are constantly changing - these numbers are ESTIMATES only. This is not financial advice - Please Do You Own Research.

⭐⭐ BIG Thanks to JINGLE MINING for Sending me this Beautiful Miner to Review ⭐⭐

To learn more about the miners from JINGLE MINING including the JASMINER, ANEXMINER and IPOLLO miners, visit JingleMining.com.
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