Best NFT Wallets Free ✅ Only use these SAFEST WALLETS to Store NFTs

Wallets are used to keep your money and money related assets safe. But with the number of hacking news coming daily, the safety of your crypto assets or NFTs is a matter of concern. Even huge collections like Bored Ape Yacht Club and artists like Beeple got hacked previously. So a secured wallet is a must if you're investing in cryptos or NFTs.

Today's video will solve this problem of finding the best and most secure crypto wallets to store your NFTs. These wallets are completely tried and tested. So make sure that you watch the video till the end so that you wouldn't miss any important information regarding any wallet that is discussed in this video.

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Links to all wallets discussed in this video:

00:00- Intro
00:09- Coinomi Wallet
01:48- Enjin Wallet
02:58- Trust Wallet
04:29- Coinbase Wallet
05:26- Metamask Wallet
06:22- Outro and Closing note
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