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This mall invites investment from all over the world, and friends with strength are welcome to contact us.
Sign up and get $10 with a minimum deposit of $10
Withdrawal limit: minimum 1USDT
Withdrawal times: once a day
Time extraction time: 7x24
Three-level rebate: first-level rebate 13% second-level rebate 5% third-level rebate 2%
vip1 amount 20USDT, earn 1.2USDT every day
VIP2 quota is 50USDT, earn 5USDT every day
VIP3 quota is 150USDT, earn 18USDT every day
vip4 quota 500USDT, earn 65USDT every day
vip5 quota 1500USDT, earn 210USDT every day
vip6 quota 3000USDT, daily income 450USDT
The amount of vip7 is 6000USDT, and the daily income is 960USDT
vip8 quota 12000USDT, daily income 2040USDT
vip9 quota 20000USDT, daily income 3600USDT
Your team can only top up within 48 hours as a bonus
Recharge 500 USDT within 48 hours, free VIP2 upgrade or 8 USDT bonus
Recharge 1,000 USDT within 48 hours, upgrade VIP2 for free or give 16 USDT bonus
Recharge 3,000 USDT within 48 hours, upgrade VIP3 for free or give 36 USDT bonus
Recharge USD5,000 USDT within 48 hours, upgrade VIP4 for free or send USD60 USDT bonus
Inject $10,000 within 48 hours, upgrade to VIP5 for free or get a $150 bonus

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