Bitcoin and the Tulip Bubble

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In this video, I discuss how people have been comparing Bitcoin to the tulip bubble since at least 2013, and the many problems with this analogy.

The tulip bubble inflated and popped once-- and tulip mania has never returned.

By contrast, Bitcoin's price chart looks more like Amazon. There are bubble-like characteristics at times, like blow-off tops, the bubble deflates, and then comes back to hit new all-time highs. This is something that tulips never did.

Those who call Bitcoin a bubble today will end up looking like those who called FAANG stocks a bubble in 2012.

If you are going to make an investment hypothesis, make sure that you leave your hypothesis open to being falsified. Otherwise, you might become a laughingstock like Peter Schiff.

Not investment advice! Consult a financial advisor.

Peter Schiff on Bitcoin as tulip mania:

Karl Popper and falsifiability:

Tulip price chart:

CA housing prices:

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