Bitcoin Breaks $50K! This Is Your FINAL Chance At Winning Crypto

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What’s Good E.T Fam?! Well, it finally happened! #Bitcoin has smashed through $50k yet again, and it’s still pumping! This is where things get real. I hope that everyone is prepared for what comes next. Yesterday was a real doozy for everyone that suffered from the #Facebook outage.

My team and I were also affected by the outage. Telegram pretty much became unusable for hours due to the traffic migrating from WhatsApp and Instagram. However, today is a new day and we’re back to business! In other news, US Bank is now offering crypto custodial services. This is more of a sign of #crypto going mainstream.

This is cool, but for all of my fellow crypto purists, you all know the rule that we live by….”Not Your Keys, Not Your Crypto!” In some not so good news, Circle has announced that they’re being investigated by the SEC. At this point, it seems like the regulators are determined to shake every tree to see what they can find. This would be worrying if it wasn’t expected. Things have been going so well that I doubt that this FUD will cause any real fear in the market.

As bullish as we are, let’s be sure to keep an eye on this situation. You never know what aces regulators may have left to play. That’s my 2 cents on that situation….back to the bullishness! I hope you all are enjoying today’s pump. I believe that we just might be off to the races!

00:00 = Intro
00:58 = Return of the Meme Coins
02:41 = A project to keep an eye on
03:57 = BTC breaks 50K level
08:17 = Circle investigated by the SEC
10:18 = In other news
11:56 = Outro

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