Bitcoin can pump anytime | Shiba & Meme coins dead ? New trend Web 3.0 Interoperability Link Dot Icp

In this video, we will talk about bitcoin and crypto

⏰ TimeStamps:
00:00 Intro
01:25 Bitcoin can pump from here anytime
03:14 Fear & Greed Index telling different story
05:53 Shiba Inu coin - What to do, buy or sell ?
08:01 Doge coin this level is a last hope
09:39 What to do with other meme coins ?
10:14 Web 3.0 & Interoperability is a new trend don't miss it
11:09 Chainlink Link price targets
11:58 ICP can breakout
12:18 Polkadot dot still giving chance to buy at this level
12:59 Web 3.0 and Interoperability coins trading against the market

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