Bitcoin & Ethereum | Sentiment vs Technical Analysis

On this episode, we're taking a look at technical & sentiment analysis for Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). Massive amounts of negative news around Terra Luna, UST, and other Stablecoins (Tether) are dominating the news cycle futher contributing to our current Crypto crash and possible recession.

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Guest: Evan Aldo
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00:00 intro
00:40 Paul Crashing
01:06 Crypto Regulation
02:25 Stablecoins & Tether
03:39 No Bitcoin Taxes
04:11 Ethereum Analysis
08:49 Recession
10:43 Bitcoin Analysis
14:44 BTC Sentiment Analysis
17:00 Summer Predictions
20:52 Buying Strategies
23:32 outro

#Bitcoin #Ethereum #Crypto
~Bitcoin & Ethereum | Sentiment vs Technical Analysis~
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