Bitcoin: How to know it and how to invest it

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This video is a replay of an interview conducted by Brandon Bartlett of the Orange Brick Road in Australia

4:00 How Adam Stokes got into crypto
10:00 Why Adam Stokes teaches crypto
15:00 How can crypto secure your future?
18:00 Does real estate make you rich?
22:00 How much should you put into crypto?
24:05 What is the internet of money?
28:30 Where will Ethereum be in the future?
31:50 Pulse review
34:00 The problem with Ethereum
35:55 The secret to making money in crypto
40:56 The future of cryptocurrency
43:17 Bitcoin prediction
44:57 War is part of the economic cycle
49:00 The top three cryptocurrencies
53:51 How fiat discriminates
56:35 The Canada case study
58:12 Twitter and Elon Musk
1:01:15 University makes you dumb
1:05:00 Intellectual integrity and tenacity
1:08:00 The Wealth gap explained
1:12:14 Money and war
1:16:00 The benefits of tax
1:22:00 How much should the Prime Minster be paid?
1:28:29 Democracy and Bitcoin

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