Bitcoin Left for Dead as Gold Set to Soar; Chartmaster Talks Must-Own Assets in 2023

"Gold miners are up four months in a row, and no other aggregate of any kind has matched that," claims Carter Braxton Worth, founder and CEO of Worth Charting. "I would consider the last decade for gold rest rather than bear," he tells Daniela Cambone on this episode of of Powershift: Outlook 2023. "We're in the camp that the dollar will continue to go lower, but not much lower," Worth continues. "We've seen peaks in commodities, and ultimately there is a reason that 10-year yields aren't higher right now... it's because we've hit peak inflation," he argues. "Silver tends to lag before it comes alive," Worth adds. "Bitcoin's price has been left for dead, and perhaps it's reached a level where it belongs," he says. Worth concludes, "The health care sector has been underperforming since 2015, but it's going to make a relative new high this year and it's why I'm long health care."

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00:00 How has gold performed?
9:51 Will 2023 be the first phrase of the gold bull run?
10:50 How will the U.S. dollar set up in 2023 and its comparison to gold
12:54 Where will the inflation go from here?
13:53 Is silver bullish?
14:19 Where does bitcoin go from here?
15:09 Top picks for 2023
20:14 Tesla’s future performance
21:34 Broader S&P: Will heavy selling come?
24:29 What should investors do in this environment?

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