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Crypto markets, and Bitcoin especially, had a strong start (https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2023-01-19/bitcoin-outpaces-gold-in-2023-as-resistance-turns-support-chart) to the year. That’s had a couple of interesting consequences for some of the most important players in the market: Bitcoin miners.

2023 has also seen a lot of significant weather events affecting the US, including recent winter storms in Texas that have left hundreds of thousands of people without power. Energy is one of the most important costs that Bitcoin miners must absorb - and of course, they can’t run all those machines in their data centers if there’s no electricity.

In the past, the show has talked about the challenging conditions that Bitcoin miners in the US and around the world have been facing. On this episode, the focus centers on the miners that have been able to adapt and take advantage of current market conditions, to try to put themselves on slightly more stable financial footing. Bloomberg reporter David Pan (https://www.bloomberg.com/authors/AVpCyCKI_mQ/david-pan) joins this episode to talk about his reporting.

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Crypto is the world's hottest financial trend. Digital tokens like Bitcoin and NFTs have moved from niche products to showing up in Super Bowl commercials and song lyrics. Advocates of these new asset classes promise they will democratize the finance industry, and they hail the blockchain technology that backs it all as the future of computing. Skeptics say it's another financial house of cards. No newsroom on the planet is better equipped than Bloomberg to cut through all the noise and provide clarity, context and authority.

In this new daily podcast, Bloomberg’s reporting team will tease out what’s actually important in the crypto conversation. Led by crypto expert Stacy-Marie Ishmael, the podcast will draw on reporters in every region and credible voices in the industry to cover everything from regulation to alt coins to DeFi, and even the environmental impact of the currency that promises to change the finance landscape indefinitely.

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