BITCOIN Mining Carbon Footprint #shorts #shortdocumentary

Bitcoin Mining Carbon Footprint #shorts #shortdocumentary
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In this video, we explore the environmental impact of crypto mining and digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. We look at the mining process, the environmental impacts of mining, and the ways in which mining can impact the environment. As the demand for virtual currencies grows, so does the energy consumption required to mine them. But where is all this energy coming from, and what impact is it having on the planet?

Through research and analysis, we examine the energy consumption of the Bitcoin and Ethereum networks in the US, as well as the top global countries that are mining bitcoin.
We also discuss the environmental impact of mining hardware, including the production and disposal of specialized computers and graphics cards, and the heat generated by the mining process.
By the end, we will also examine the global top 10 countries based on crypto adoption.

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