Bitcoin mining filter room for my ASIC S19j Pro miners. How much do they make?

Building a filter room for my ASIC Bitmain S19j Pro bitcoin miners

I purchased $43,000 worth of ASIC miners for the warehouse.

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So I ordered FOUR S19j Pros instead to go with the L3++’s! One of them has already arrived and that pushed me into phase II of this plan: Infrastructure!

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Bitcoin miners, and specifically S19’s are POWER HUNGRY little blockchain hashers. Each one will drink up 3,100 watts and will require a 200-240v plug. I got four of them, which means not only am I going to be divvying up over 12,000 watts of power - Ive also got to mitigate over 12,000 watts of HEAT they pump out after validating all of your transactions your welcome.
I thought that because all of the breakers in my warehouse electrical panel added up to 300amps that I had that much power available to me. I was wrong; I made my way over to the main breaker at the front of this facility to find a disappointing 100amp fuse at the start of the line. Luckily these DO run at 240v so that means I top out at 19,200 watts if Im observing the 80% load rule, so I have room for expansion.. And.. you know.. Like.. lights, internet, a microwave, mini fridge and whatever other comforts one tends to enjoy at their office. Im sure a panel upgrade is in the not too distant future. But first comes dealing with all of this heat!

What I’ve come up with is an 8 foot by 8 foot room built into the back of the warehouse around the rear door. I was trying to think of a way to dump heat without having to cut a giant hole in the side of the building - I imagine the building owner wont be on board with that. So what I came up with was a trip to the Home Depot to buy a replacement steel door for my rear door - then I cut a giant hole in said door and fitted a 4500 CFM exhaust fan and bolted it right into the center of that door.

I picked up a couple bottles of expanding foam and some gorilla tape, and sealed that thing up, and now the hurricane room is complete.
An 8*8*8 room is 512 square feet, some quick math has that fan completely replacing the air in that space every 6 seconds or so, which SHOULD mean that there will always be cool side and a hot side of this little room, and these things should stay well within operating temperature, while breathing only freshly filtered warehouse air. mmmm the best air.

I built a simple little slot so I can swap out the air filters very easily, however often they get dirty. Which I guess will change depending on how much activity I have going on in the warehouse in general.

CURRENTLY Im all set on electrical, but Im already using every outlet I have available, which was a Smorgasbord of L6 20r, L6-30r, a 6-50p big boy and a 4 blade L14-20.. The people who had this place before me sure had a variety of plug needs.. And I got a new education on 208-240 volt power adapters. I think this weekend Im going to take a stab at putting in my own line from the panel, so I dont have to run this 75 foot l6-30p extension cable to the hurricane room.

The profitability changes day to day, but I think itll be a nice thing to look back at a few years from now, to see what these fellas are earning. So, until next week when the rest of my equipment arrives, right now I have one S19j Pro, one L3+ and five RTX 3080 GPUs running, which are earning a total of $73 per day. And with three MORE S19’s and 2 more L3’s in the mail and on the way, we can extrapolate that to 181 dollars per day, 5450 dollars per month or 65,400 annually that I should be pulling in from my Mine/Farm as of Monday evening (mind explosion).

Of COURSE those numbers wont stay the same for an entire year. Difficulty will go up, which makes them earn less, but the price of Bitcoin and Ether could easily go up along with it, which can make them earn more! (I mine Litecoin and Doge with the L3’s but Im converting it to Bitcoin because of fear..)

Its funny because even though this is going to earn about as much as working a full time job, I can only house it for as long as I DONT quit my job, part of which gives me this amazing warehouse - theres a funny little catch 22, if youre into that sort of thing.

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