Bitcoin Mining Game-over! What, Why and How? (Part 1/2)

Hey guys, been a while again!

How are you doing? All good? How's mining or trading with Bitcoin?

This is the first time I do the video in the evening, I used a LED light for the first time. The video was done in the evening time of Monday (May 9, 2022) in China.

In this video, I take the efforts to pinpoint the bottom of Bitcoin and explore what could be the causes and how we can battle with it and capitalize on it.

The video covers:

1. Bitcoin Bottom Price estimates from 3 of my crypto friends in the US, UK, and China;
2. Why Bitcoin crashes so much this time? Answers from my friends with iPollo and Avalon and myself!
3. What can we do about this crash? Mining-wise.
4. What can we do about this crash? Investing-wise.

The Part 2/2 of the video would go on to cover:

1. Introducing 2 more miners!
2. Updates on Goldshell, iPollo and Antminers!

Stay tuned for sure!

Hope you will the video entertaining and helpful!

Love you guys!

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