Bitcoin Mining News, Crypto FUD, and NFT FOMO!

Bitcoin Mining News, Crypto FUD, and NFT FOMO! The crypto market is all over the place, there's FOMO and there's FUD so are Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies dead or can we still become crypto millionaires?! Subscribe to VoskCoin -

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Cryptocurrency investing is so emotional, one day we are going to the moon, all buying lambos, getting stupid rich, and quitting our jobs and then the next week we are now poor, working at Mcdonalds, going to jail, and the governments all are banning Bitcoin and crypto coins. To be honest the FOMO and FUD in crypto investing is really draining, but it definitely keeps it lively. Let's review some bullish and bearish news for Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and NFTs!

Russia banning cryptocurrency and bitcoin mining -
Watch our first video about USA banning Bitcoin and crypto mining -
Review the breakdown of new US anti bitcoin tax bill -
BEST Mining rigs to buy in 2022 -
Mining $100 a day miner profitability and review -
Learn how to setup electricity for your bitcoin crypto mining farm -

⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 Bitcoin news and crypto drama
00:55 The freedom of Proof of Work and Bitcoin
02:53 DeFI and Crypto empowers the individual
03:35 Adidas PRADA and Twitter supporting NFTs
05:24 Crypto mining and The World Economic forum
07:00 Hosting your bitcoin miners with compass mining?
07:27 AAX a Cefi platform with Defi style features?
10:04 Michael Saylor in trouble with the SEC?
11:21 Divi Masternode giveaway!

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