Bitcoin Mining Stock to Buy | Why HUT 8 Mining Stock

Bitcoin Mining Stock to Buy | Why HUT 8 Mining Stock

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Bitcoin is on the verge of another breakout, and a cool way to play this in your stock portfolios is to decide what bitcoin mining stocks to buy. To me the answer is clearly is that HUT 8 Mining is the best bitcoin mining stock. In this video I discuss the views of of Kevin O'Leary and why he think hut 8 ESG is going to bring in more institutional investors.

I also go over Hut 8's production update to talk about their recent performance and how much Bitcoin they have. They have a proven track record of operating well and excellence and continue to HODL. Their operational excellence combined with setting a high bar for ESG will bring in a new wave of Hut 8 investors. Ultimately I think Hut 8 stock is a good one to buy for the short-term and long-term.

0:00 Intro
0:30 Kevin O'Leary on HUT
2:47 Institutions Buying HUT?
3:37 September Production Update
5:43 Conclusion

*Note: This is not financial advice, and should only be considered for entertainment purposes.

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