Bitcoin Price Prediction: Bottoms In... Before we Crash to $9k!

Big Signs This is A Short term Bitcoin Bottom - Before we Drop to $9k!
The bitcoin crash and bear market is in play! Be safe!

00:00:00 Intro
00:01:19 Bear market tips
00:02:26 Analyzing old BTC chart
00:04:22 What i did while BTC was going down?
00:07:15 Win 8,000,000 usdt
00:07:28 Profit taking levels
00:08:09 BTC analysis
00:10:36 What i'm doing
00:11:18 I'm having a baby?
00:11:49 ETH analysis
00:12:28 Secret Altcoin pickups
00:12:44 Pro tipp
00:12:54 Final thoughts

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