Bitcoin price pumping! Next major drop in about 6 days!

In the last video as bitcoin price was dropping I said $57.5k was a likely point to long or buy in. That target hit exactly and btc price started pumping. I show your current key support and resistance levels and cover the next major drop that will take place in less than a week. I expect bitcoin to have another major correction very soon which could trigger a crash of 80% hitting a target down around $14k. There is a bearish head and shoulders pattern playing out on the daily that further confirms for me that bitcoin will continue crashing. The second black swan event has already taken place giving market makers, whales and institutional money another reason to crash the markets. My analysis and bitcoin chart prediction shows bitcoin is in a bubble and the 2021 bitcoin bubble has already popped, we are currently in nothing more than bull trap and bitcoin will crash soon. The bitcoin bull run has ended and the 2021- 2022 bear market has begun. There is no super bitcoin hyper cycle! If you think btc will continue pumping to the moon, I have bad news for you! I use chart technical analysis to show key bitcoin support and resistance levels to know when to buy and sell, long and short. these btc charts are for swing trading.

Website to access these live charts:

Next major drop for bitcoin only days away!

Are you ready for the next major bitcoin crash? its coming very soon! 1.24

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This is not financial advice! these are only my views and opinions of where I think the market may be headed. Crypto Currency is a very risky asset, always do your own research before ever considering investing or making a trade.
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