Bitcoin Price Will Be $570,000 If It Replaces Gold | Dave Weisberger, CEO of CoinRoutes

Dave Weisberger made his second appearance on the podcast to share his thoughts on the current irrationality in markets. According to Dave, stocks are behaving more like a speculative casino, which is why he thinks legacy markets are fundamentally broken. This exciting episode covers the Fed’s FUD, why Bitcoin will always be first, crypto correlation, value stocks, looming regulation and so much more. If you are invested in the market in any capacity, you need to watch this incredible breakdown.

Dave Weisberger

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00:00 Intro
01:06 Peak Irrationality
06:26 Big Tech Vs Value Stocks
10:05 Fidelity’s “Bitcoin First” Report
19:38 There Are Not Enough Bitcoin
22:23 Is Bitcoin Correlated To Markets?
28:49 Regulation Is Looming
34:15 Horizon Ad
35:15 Whale Fin
36:15 The Fed’s FUD [36:15
42:27 When Crypto Analysis Works
45:05 The Crypto Investment Thesis
48:20 Early Investors Are Trail Blazers


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