Bitcoin, Shiba, and Everyone is Bullish on Ethereum - Caffeine & Crypto - 4/9/2022

We talk about blockchain Tech, GPUs, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cryptocurrency news, and mining while drinking a caffeinated drink! Join me for Caffeine & Crypto!!

Articles Used in this Video will show below:

Bitcoin Stalls Below $48K Resistance; Support at $40K-$43K:

Can Shiba Inu Reach $1?:

The Coming Battle Over Cryptocurrency Regulation:

Ethereum’s Coming ‘Merge’ Could Make or Break Crypto:

Mark Cuban is ‘very bullish’ on the upcoming Ethereum ‘merge.’ Here’s why he says the upgrade is so important for the cryptocurrency:

Ethereum is about to get a huge facelift that could help fix crypto's climate problems — but spell the end of ether mining:

Some Ethereum leaders are worried people are investing in crypto mining equipment that might soon be obsolete:

Let's Talk Ethereum Merger - What's left?:

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