Bitcoin: The REAL Meaning of This "Bottom" Signal on the Pi Cycle Bottom Indicator | Alessio Rastani

Bitcoin: the real meaning of this "bottom" signal on the pi cycle bottom indicator. The famour pi cycle bottom indicator has just recently flashed a "bottom" signal for the first time since 2018 (and before that in 2015). Many people on social media are now referring to this pi cycle signal which it seems has "never been wrong". But how reliable is this chart indicator? More importantly, how does the pi cycle indicator work and can it be useful? In this video, we dig into the details of this widely observed indicator and explain the potential advantages and disadvantages. We explain what the major concerns are and how this indicator performs on other charts. #bitcoin #btc #alessiorastani

Key notes in the video:
[0:00] The pi cycle bottom indicator
[1:22] A new signal on the pi cycle
[1:53] Previous signals on pi cycle
[3:33] Pi cycle top indicator
[4:08] Social media coverage on indicator
[4:47] How the pi cycle indicator is constructed
[8:40] The problem
[10:11] The issue of curve fitting
[13:17] The pi cycle signal on other markets
[17:32] The pi cycle in different environments
[18:32] The utility of the indicator
[19:50] Combining the pi cycle with other tools
[20:28] Conclusion

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