Bitcoin To Go Down To $30K? | Bitcoin Miami 2022 | Special Guest: Aya Kantorovich

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I’m back! Bitcoin Miami 2022 was incredible and intense! Let’s talk about the Miami conference, the news and the markets with my special guest - Aya Kantorovich, the head of institutional coverage at FalconX, who was once on my podcast.

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0:00 Intro
1:20 Bitcoin Miami was just great
6:10 Aya Kantorovich: endless money from the institutions
7:40 The consequences of Eth 2.0 delay
8:20 Luna to buy $10 billion worth of Bitcoin
11:10 Aya Kantorovich: I am optimistic about Q2
16:00 Vauld: invest without stress
17:00 Bitcoin chart
21:15 Billionaire David Rubenstein now believes in crypto
23:18 Goldman downgrades Robinhood to sell
23:55 How to party with Michael Saylor

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Bitcoin To Go Down To $30K? | Bitcoin Miami 2022 | Special Guest: Aya Kantorovich
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