Bitcoin's Fair Launch (Immaculate Conception)

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In this video, I discuss the fair launch of Bitcoin (Bitcoin's "immaculate conception") and whether it can be repeated.

Satoshi did not turn to VC's or sell tokens to fund his software development. He simply released a white paper and software code to a mailing list, then mined as little as he could, before leaving the project for good and never selling any coins.

His humility and self-control are astonishing and almost super-human.

By doing so, Satoshi removed the single point of failure of having a living founder who can be bribed or co-opted, or whose political opinions have the potential to taint the coin for some people.

Satoshi's actions gave Bitcoin the best chance possible of being a new neutral form of money.

It's probably impossible to do a fair launch of a crypto today due to privacy concerns and financial greed.

Let's say that you want to do a "fair launch" coin today:

1) Can you do it and stay truly anonymous?

Otherwise, you will become a central point of failure that can be threatened or bribed or otherwise co-opted.

2) Are you willing to work for free, and can you find people to help you that are also willing to work for free?

Can these people be trusted not to leak your identity?

3) If you do all of these things correctly-- guess what:

You are still going to be 14 years behind Bitcoin!

Good luck catching up with Bitcoin's:

Global brand recognition
Globally dispersed node network
Globally dispersed miner network
Extremely strong social layer

Bitcoin's creation/discovery is a historical accident/blessing that is unlikely to be repeated.

Are you going to fight it?
Are you going to try to copy it?
Or are you going to do the smart thing and jump on the Bitcoin adoption train?

There's only one crypto-asset and cryptocurrency that matters and that will still be here in 200 years from now.

Not investment advice! Consult a financial advisor.

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