BLITZ MINER Review | Earn 8% DAILY + BONUS Rewards! | Blitz Miner Crypto

In this Blitz Miner review, we take a look at this advanced BUSD miner protocol that gives an 8% daily return plus some additional bonus features that can boost returns even further. BlitzMiner even has an optional automation feature that allows user to "set it and forget it" while earning defi passive income on autopilot!

Blitz Miner crypto works much like other miners in that you deposit BUSD into the protocol, and in return you receive BUSD rewards at a daily percentage rate. But the protocol also has token integrations that allow holders of the $BLITZ token to boost their returns depending on how many tokens they hold.

Blitz Miner also has a jackpot that users can win. The jackpot is a sum of BUSD that gets instantly deposited into the winner's wallet. If nobody buys at least $50 worth of BlitzMiners for one hour after you, then you win the jackpot. It's a great system that can potentially make back half of your investment in just one hour.

And there is a convenient auto-compounder feature that is available to anyone who puts in at least $250 into the protocol. The automation ensures that rewards are always compounded and claimed on the appropriate 6-1 schedule, with no input required! It then becomes truly passive income!

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