Blockchain’s CeFi Experiment Broke, but Are DeFi and “More Tech” the Cure?

Joseph Raczynski, Ahmed Reza, Adam Kagy, and Johnney Zhang discuss CeFi, DeFi, and tech as they try to get to the bottom of what will cure the underlying issues. Grit Daily House Consensus 2023.

About Joseph Raczynski:
Joseph Raczynski is a global leader in leveraging emerging technologies to improve economic competitiveness, equity, and business resilience. He delivers actionable and forward-thinking technological intelligence with a focus on future trends guidance shaping the world. If technology could make an impact, he plans to explore it.

About Ahmed Reza:
Ahmed is an AI geek and a serial entrepreneur with a childhood background in the performing arts. He had a brief career as an actor and recording artist as a child before immigrating to the US and falling head over heels in love with computers. He now sits as the founder and CEO of Yobi, where digital clones are his first step toward world domination.

About Adam Kagy:
Full stack developer with over a decade of proven experience developing efficient, scalable software solutions across a variety of industries. His journey into technology and development have led him to his position as the co-founder and CEO of xrp.cafe.

About Johnney Zhang:
Johnney Zhang is a serial entrepreneur, real estate investor, blockchain tech executive, and philanthropist. He has built an impressive empire with his real estate investment, development, and management firm, Primior, which has managed over $2B in assets. In 2022, Johnney combined his real estate, finance, and investing expertise with his knowledge of the latest advancements in blockchain technology to create United States Property, Inc. (USPC).

About Grit Daily House:
Grit Daily House is the flagship event run by Grit Daily. It is also a physical location in Austin, four blocks from the Convention Center and three blocks from Rainey St. It includes an outdoor stage that hosts some of the best content, which is recorded live and uploaded for all to see.

The event brings in some of the most innovative leaders from around the world and across multiple industries, and it allows outside news outlets on its stage, including those from Cointelegraph, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Axios, and more.

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