Blockchain Data Analysis with Christian Dittmeier from Evaluate Market | Ep. 135

In this episode of The Unstoppable Podcast, we’re talking to Christian Dittmeier. Christian is the Co-Founder of Evaluate.Market, a platform designed to help you analyze your NFT portfolio and the latest developments in the NFT world. He’s here to talk about blockchain data analysis, how it works, and what it means.

Christian talks about his background in data analysis and how he found his way into the blockchain space via online gaming. We talk about Evaluate, how the tool has grown over time, and what users can do with it today. Why did Christian choose to make Evaluate blockchain agnostic?

We also discuss how people are using the platform today, some of the biggest needs and demands in the Web3 space from a data analytics perspective, and the extent to which current NFT projects rely on OpenSea’s API.

Christian shares some of the data practices he uses when analyzing blockchain data, and we finish off with a chat about the current trends in Web3 and NFTs and what might be lying on the horizon.

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0:00 Intro
1:34 How did Christian get interested in crypto?
3:50 How did Christian wrap his mind around NFTs?
6:54 Is NBA Top Shot still setting the bar for NFT minting?
8:30 The current status of Evaluate Market
10:39 What's the reason behind being blockchain agnostic for Christian?
12:36 How do Solana and Flow compare their growth to Ethereum regarding NFTs?
15:38 What's the average amount of wallets people are connecting to Evaluate Market?
19:16 What are the biggest needs from a data perspective?
20:30 Why do the listings live off-chain?
24:40 What would happen to the broader NFT ecosystem if Opensea shut down its API?
26:17 Does LooksRare provide an API?
29:57 How does Evaluate Market handle data?
34:22 What is Evaluate Market's focus right now?
36:28 What trends is Christian seeing in terms of adoption in 2022?
40:26 Who’s an influential web3 creator, entrepreneur, or collector that has inspired Christian?
41:34 Was it crazy when Evaluate Market was getting new users every single day?
43:25 What is Christian’s favorite NFT?
44:18 In 5 years, what’s the craziest thing we’ll be doing on the metaverse?
46:21 Where can you find Christian?

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