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00:00:00 Starting soon!
00:10:05 Intro by Ed Nedin, CEO @Geekle and Karine Jonjoyan
00:25:17 Envisioning, the fifth industrial revolution
00:40:31 Blockchain Technology for Global Social Change
00:56:21 How Web3 Foundation brings about the web 3.0 vision - What it means to decentralize the web
01:38:38 Break
01:41:39 Tokenization of NFTs on Ravencoin
02:12:00 NFT + crypto art
02:40:36 Build your NFT Collection in 30 minutes
03:07:02 Q&A Session with Tron Black, Sebastian Posth and Al Morris
03:34:23: Break
03:58:02 A Global race for CBDC? A peek at the motivations and concerns of Central Banks dealing with CBDC
04:36:15 Future of financing on DLT
05:02:04 Q&A Session with Ilan Steiner and Ziv Keinan
05:22:52 Break
05:38:09 It's all Coordination by Kevin Owocki, Founder @ Gitcoin
05:51:17 Web3j - a Blockchain and OSS Odyssey - lessons learned from creating the Java integration library for the worlds most widely used blockchain
06:25:47 Break
06:44:35 Creator Economy & Crypto based Monetization Models
07:29:27 Creating thousands of virtual jobs in metaverses
08:26:28 Creating an Alternative Open Metaverse: Going Beyond Ready Player One
08:52:23 Day 1 Closing

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