Blockchain for Security Tokens? Next Big Project in the Making? Polymesh Deep Dive w/ Mehdi Farooq

#Blockchain #SecurityTokens #Polymesh

0:00-0:58 Intro
0:59-1:41 What are Security Tokens
1:42-5:20 Multi-Trillion Dollar Theme
5:21- 13:56 Security-Based Blockchain
13:57-20:58 Product Demo
20:59-23:44 Market Sizing
23:45-25:40 Token Utility
25:41-27:29 Token Supply
27:30-30:39 Risks
30:40-31:32 Rebuttal
31:34-33:01 TA
33:02- Verdict

A purpose-built blockchain for security tokens. If security token themes make a comeback this protocol has the potential to do 10X+.

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