Blockchain Gaming News #4 | Chumbi Valley, Axie Infinity, Cropbytes

Axie Infinity Staking Guide: https://axie-infinity.gitbook.io/axs-staking-guide/
Chumbi Valley Updated Litepaper: https://chumbivalley.com
Join Cropbytes Contest: https://t.me/ccropbytes/1756

Create your Cropbytes account here to get up to 500 TRX worth of assets: https://bit.ly/CropbytesGainze
Code: 0B9B45


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Other games you can check out:

▶ Play Trade Race Manager, a free to play NFT car racing game
More info here: https://youtu.be/TSq_dVhPLrY

▶ Play Splinterlands, a digital collectible trading card game

▶ Play Cropbytes, Farming game available for mobile phones! Create your account here - https://bit.ly/CropbytesGainze

▶ Play the new Battle Royale Blockchain game and earn Bitcoin!
Use my referral link to get 20% OFF + FREE skin + 500 Satoshis - https://bit.ly/LightniteGainze
More info here: https://youtu.be/SViB5UfRrXE

▶ Play Townstar, Farmville "like" game on the blockchain! Create your account here to play - https://gala.fan/38jmNt4Yh

▶ Play Axie Inifnity, the #1 Blockchain game, breed Axie pets and earn big - https://axieinfinity.com/
More info here: https://youtu.be/RGig8-gOJG8

▶ Play Nine Chronicles, an idle RPG with cute anime arts with cats! - https://bit.ly/9ChroniclesGainze

▶ Play My Defi Pets. New monster breeding game under the Binance Smart Chain - https://mydefipet.com/
More info here: https://youtu.be/k9LEZYmZCj8

▶ Play Blankos Block Party, a fun party game where you can also collect toys and watch the rise in value - https://blankos.com/
More info here: https://youtu.be/xxRNFk0cj5s

▶ Play Lost Relics, Diablo-style action RPG - https://lostrelics.io/

▶ Play My Neighbor Alice, an upcoming blockchain game that has an Animals Crossing vibe - https://www.myneighboralice.com/

▶ Play Ember Sword, an upcoming Sandbox MMORPG - https://embersword.com/


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