Blockchain - Innovation or Illusion? (Offical - Full Documentary)

Full Movie - Blockchain - Innovation or Illusion (v6bwm)

Chapter / Hilights:
00:00:00 Introduction
00:03:51 Selling 101 - Talk about your product, not your competition
00:05:32 What do real tech leaders think of blockchain?
00:07:22 Understanding crypto technology - It's easier than you think.
00:09:31 Crypto psychology & the history of gaslighting
00:13:03 De-centralization - How does it work and is it better?
00:15:16 The marvel and magic of CONSENSUS
00:16:40 What is Blockchain?
00:19:17 Mo Decentralization, Mo Problems
00:20:46 Tokenomics
00:22:46 Mining
00:25:08 Transaction Fees
00:29:04 Buzzwords:
00:29:09 Smart Contracts
00:30:13 NFTs
00:31:57 De-Fi
00:33:06 Staking
00:33:37 DAOs
00:34:22 Web3

Part 2: ----- Addressing popular blockchain claims

00:35:08 CLAIM: Blockchain Can Verify Authenticity
00:36:25 The Oracle Problem
00:37:33 Supply Chain Tracking Example
00:42:37 CLAIM: Blockchain is de-centralized and not under anybody's control
00:43:43 If "Code Is Law," Then Whoever Writes the Code is the Ruler
00:48:22 Is Mining De-Centralized?
00:51:01 Core Infrastructure
00:53:48 Trading Infrastructure
00:56:09 CLAIM: Blockchain is Immutable and Cannot Be Altered
00:58:36 51% Attacks
01:01:54 Other Ways To Hack The Blockchain
01:03:06 The Infamous "Ethereum DAO Hack"
01:05:43 CLAIM: Crypto Can't Be Seized
01:08:38 CLAIM: Crypto allows you to send money around the world instantly (with no middlemen)
01:12:14 CLAIM: Crypto helps "Bank the Unbanked"
01:14:06 CLAIM: Crypto is an investment (aka "Digital Gold")
01:19:23 Conclusion - TL;DR
01:24:24 Credits

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